Raised by single mother with younger sister.

1995 - 2000
Grew up "husky", overweight, low self-esteem, no knowledge of exercise, nutrition or mindset.

2002 - 2006
Military, Irak, Egypt

Hyred by Fed Bur of Prision

Selected to fly helicopters.
Failed and had to quit.

Quit Feds

Moved to Cancun.
"Warrior fitness"

"Training for Warriors" Cancun

• Launched Kali Coaching.
• Married Adri.
• Closed WF and TFW

First time published in Magazine and Book as author.

• Live TV
• Amazon Best Seller
• Launched:
The Strength Academy

workout plans for women

The growth I've achieved in the past year with Jay has made me realize that life is limitless.

Rebecca Garcia-Reilly , Mom of 2, Corporate Executive

Not only has my physical form experienced transformation, my mental changes have catapulted me to a higher level of personal awareness. I'm living my life with more awareness, acuity and joy. You owe this to yourself, start this journey and I promise you results WILL happen!


Words are not enough!

Sheri Boykins , Mom of 1

Words are not enough to explain the benefits I have received from Jay! I have gotten more then physical training since I have started. The work outs are awesome, super customized for my lifestyle and give me the results I want! For ultimate body training, Jay Kali is the BEST!


A passionate man about ladies well being and who wants you to be the very best version you can be

Lisa Wainwright , Mom of 3

Jay may live on the other side of the world from me, but he is only a Skype or keyboard stroke away. Jay is so helpful in my up & down journey who always has a solution to any problem or obstacle I put up. I have taken a big step out of my comfort zone to join a transformation group with other ladies all starting on the same day, I took this step with the encouragement from Jay who understood me and what I needed at this point. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement Jay Kali x


The Complete Package

Casey Owens , Teacher & Mother of 2

Jay's knowledge is such an asset to his programs. He focuses on complete wellness, not just workouts. He teaches students about nutrition and stress management and the impact they have on individual success. Best training experience I've ever had.


Best advice

Femke Koenders , Mom of 2

Jay has been an amazing person to get to know. He has given me so much inspiration and useful tips. I love his enthusiasm and how he's always there to help. You will LOVE his work.


Simply the best!

Samantha Gibson , Mom of 1

Training with Kali Coaching was the most confidence boosting thing I have ever done for myself. It was truly transformative not just physically but mentally as well. It really gave me a healthier mindset overall in all my daily activities.


You've Never Had A Coach Quite Like Jay...

Ann Marcario-Bord , Emergency Vetenarian

I am an athlete at heart. I suffered back and knee injuries consecutively. I was depressed and worried. Jay helped me with the psychology of the injuries to get my mojo back and with strength progressions needed to become even better/stronger than my old self. We are surpassing goals daily!

Jay is very knowledgeable and works hard to stay up to date. He knows how to create flexible programs that work for the individual. He also teaches you how to make a lifestyle change, which is probably the most important thing.

He can motivate you to want it, whatever "IT" is for you.



Veronica Barragan , Entrepreneur

It was the best time of my day, Jay showed me that there is no limit for the body, I accomplished things that never thought I could. He helped me to always go for more and more and more .


Great cheerleader

Meg Wampler , Entrepreneur

I met Jay about a year ago. I've been dealing with grief depression for a long time and this has affected my weight. Jay has given me encouraging pointers, demonstration videos and meal planning. I recommend him to everyone all the time!


Life Changing Experience

Adriana Salazar , Dog Mom & Freelancer

I will never change the feeling I have today of how I feel about myself and what I can do because I decided to train with Kali Coaching. He is more than just fitness, he goes deep and changes your mentality and fills you with his positive energy to give more of yourself!


Jay is awesome!!

Patty Smith , Dog Mom & Retiree

I've done two of Jays programs. He's highly motivating, positive and fun. He supplies you with tons of knowledge to help you reach your goals. He's quick to answer whenever you have questions. He's the perfect trainer in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


Expertise, Motivation and Accountability

Laurel Smith , Mom and Paraprofessional

Jay is everything a personal trainer should be! He is knowledgeable, motivating, compassionate, positive and best of all, will believe in you even when you are struggling to believe in yourself! He can transform your body and your mind to be the best they can be! Trust Jay and you will find your strength!


Very personalized attentive trainer

Jessica Gehlbach , Mom of 1

I trained with Jay and I'd highly recommend him, he's always there & you will definitely get results and won't be disappointed with choosing Kali coaching. He personalizes the workout to fit you & your lifestyle.


A Trainer Who Lifts You Up So You Want To Work!

Rebecca Lynn , Dog Mom & Insurance Adjuster

Jay Kali not only motivated me to work harder and strive to be better physically but also to improve myself mentally. He used a 360 degree approach that encompassed both physical and life goals.

He's not just someone that spits exercises at you and calls it a day, he fosters your success through solid explanation, support and genuine caring. My motivation went through the roof and so did my results.

You will not be disappointed with Jay Kali as your coach. He is the one to show you the way to overall fitness success and is a ton of fun along the way!


Kali Coaching showed me how good strong feels!

Tabitha Stalvey , Mom of 2, Entreprenuer

I started with Kali Coaching to lose the weight I was holding onto from having 2 kids and along the way kick started a love of lifting weights! I was taught the basics of strength training and nutrition that I still use every day, even a year later. Before, I was nervous to even enter a gym, but with the programming and coaching I was provided, I didn't feel alone or lost. Soon I was comfortable, and once I felt myself getting strong, I was hooked. There is no better feeling than feeling strong!!


Flexible, knowledgeable, understanding, and caring!

Michelle Pender , Dog Mom & Insurance Agent

Kali coaching allowed me the flexibility to go at my own pace while being instructed by a caring and compassionate coach! He is incredibly knowledgeable and understands his clients needs and constructs a pathway for them achieve their goals! A++++

Kali Coaching Was The Perfect System For Me!


Jay Kali takes your fitness to the next level!

Mina Torres

Jay Kali goes beyond teaching you the fundamentals. He helps you create a personalized wellness foundation that you can build upon to a healthier, stronger, and more confident you.


Couldn't ask for better!

Jessica Gray , Mompreneur of 3

My experience with Kali Coaching has been nothing short of amazing!! I was provided with all of the tools, all of the knowledge, all of the support and then some!! He goes above and beyond to help you succeed in reaching your goals because he truly has a passion for what he does! I recommend Kali Coaching a thousand times over!! I was more than pleased!!


Knows how to get you fit!

Margie Shipman , Mom of 2 & Grandma of 5

If you do what he says you can lose weight and look great. Stick to it. Don't quit on yourself!


Incredible and Professional

Stephanie Seise , Mom of 1 & Corrections Officer

Coach Kali is a great leader and offers the best guidance you can ask for when trying to live a healthier lifestyle!


Do This For You!

Erin Fuller , Mom of 1

Jay provided me with the tools and motivation to kick start my path back to healthy eating and regular exercising. Do this for you, it will change your life too!


Persistent & Knowledgeable! Great people skills! Very Confident of his abilities! A Great Coach!

Lauren Azev , Mother of 1

Admire, dedication and knowledge!

Mr Kali's dedication is impressive and it should be recognized, the love for what he does, the belief and interest in the final outcome are different from many other coaches.


He is very positive and inspiring

Kenya Smith , Mom of 1

He goes out of his way to make sure he is educated and helps each individual in a way that will benefit them and their body for the best results possible!



Teleisa Crnkovich , Lead Nurse

Love the inspiration I have received from Kali Coaching. I feel amazing. These workouts have changed my life. I feel 10 years younger and the intensity is perfectly adjusted for each individual. Anyone can do this. True genius. Lost 22lbs in less than 3 months with just following these simple doable steps. Love it. Thanks Kali Coaching for changing my life. Got to get this program everyone. Best ever!



Vivian Medellin , Mom of 2 & Business Owner

I became a client while I was pregnant. I had my doubts if it was going to work in my condition, but Jay made me feel so secure in what we were doing. The results were amazing, keeping active during pregnancy is the best you can do, it helped me maintain a healthy body to carry my baby.


Jay Is Extremely Knowledgeable And Committed To Success

Karyn Choate , Entrepreneur and Business Owner

Jay Kali is an extremely intelligent and well read coach, but what's really impressive is how he applies all of his knowledge in his practical everyday life, and how he inspires others to do the same. Jay has a great philosophy in his training that applies to the person who is just starting out on their journey to a healthier lifestyle, to the athlete looking for key tips to accelerate their success. Jay Kali is committed to your personal success and not only talks the talk, but takes you by the hand and walks that walk right along with you.