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What Others Have Said About Jay

Patty Smith Dog Mom & Retiree

Jay is awesome!!

I've done two of Jays programs. He's highly motivating, positive and fun. He supplies you with tons of knowledge to help you reach your goals. He's quick to answer whenever you have questions. He's the perfect trainer in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Casey Owens Teacher & Mother of 2

The Complete Package

Jay's knowledge is such an asset to his programs. He focuses on complete wellness, not just workouts. He teaches students about nutrition and stress management and the impact they have on individual success. Best training experience I've ever had.

Teleisa Crnkovich Lead Nurse


Love the inspiration I have received from Kali Coaching. I feel amazing. These workouts have changed my life. I feel 10 years younger and the intensity is perfectly adjusted for each individual. Anyone can do this. True genius. Lost 22lbs in less than 3 months with just following these simple doable steps. Love it. Thanks Kali Coaching for changing my life. Got to get this program everyone. Best ever!


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