Changing Your Life Is Never Easy, Learn What I Did and How I Help Others Now.
Changing Your Life

Before Kali Coaching even started, when I was under 25. I had this high-paying government job, a house, even an Escalade. I had a good life, but something was missing. I wasn’t happy. I knew I could be doing more for others instead of sitting in a federal prison “babysitting” grown men. I knew I'd rather be helping others grow instead of working in such a negative environment for 8–10 hours every day, feeling like I was in prison myself and I remember telling myself "it's time to start changing your life, man!".

When my friends and family learned how I felt, they thought I was crazy. I wanted to walk away from a job I'd been doing for five years, where I made over $80k/year and had a guaranteed retirement plan. They told me I was dumb to throw all that away (and that's putting it mildly). “It's the easiest money you'll ever make,” they said.

But I was miserable. I had no idea what I would do instead, where it would end up, or even whether I would fail or succeed!

Changing Your Life: My Fresh Start

It was a stressful decision, but I believe that if you take risks and go after what you want, the universe will reward your efforts in actively changing your life for the better. It might not be easy, but it's possible if you just try to start changing your life. My risk was leaving all my friends and family behind in the United States to move to Cancun, Mexico.

It was my first time in Cancun (ever!) and I didn't know anyone there. It might sound like a dream to live in Cancun, but at the time, it was anything but. I had no income, just the money I made from selling all my things. I couldn’t even speak Spanish! I was on my own with no safety net. Talk about really changing your life. Phew! So I started looking for jobs, businesses to buy, anything that could help me. (I even came close to buying a scuba diving business, but it just didn’t feel right.)

Before long, money started running out. My girlfriend of over two years left me because I deserted her in the US on your way to "changing your life" she remarked. I got kicked out of the house I was staying in. I kept trying but nothing took off or gave me any direction. I was confused and frustrated. I started wondering if I'd made a mistake moving to Cancun.

How I Chose to Become a Personal Trainer To Start Changing Your Life!

So I took a step back, and that's when I remembered why I moved to Mexico in the first place: I wanted to help others. I started thinking more about how many people are unhappy with their lives, how they feel about themselves, and how they know they're unhealthy and don't look or feel their best anymore.

I instantly thought of my mom and my sister, who both struggled with self-esteem and weight issues their whole lives. If I could figure out a way to help them, I'd have the potential to help thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, of hard-working moms struggling with this terrible feeling. Think how many more people they could inspire and help!

Thinking back on all the rough situations I'd been through, like moving to Cancun, fighting in the Iraq War, and leaving my “comfy” federal job, I remembered one thing that had helped me through them all. I finally realized that exercising and taking care of my body had not only helped me physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. That day, I promised myself that I would use fitness to help people look their best, feel great about themselves, and boost their self-confidence. This was the life mission I'd been desperately​​​​ searching for.

My Time as a Gym Owner

I fulfilled my promise when I found a business partner and opened a fitness center in Cancun that was the first of its kind. In two months, our classes were filling up. Sometimes 15–20 people would show up for each hourly class. Within that time, we started seeing some amazing results from our clients. Some lost over 10 kilos (22 pounds) after just three months, others started performing physical feats they never thought possible, like sprinting or doing their very first push-up! That's when I knew my mission was to start changing your life and the lives of those you love most!

Word traveled so fast that I soon opened another gym. In less than three years, I had trained over 3,500 clients, helping them lose weight, feel great, and grow stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our success drew the attention of other gym trainers; they would attend our classes and take what they learned to their own gyms. But they wouldn't train people as well as we did: they missed our key points, pushed their clients too hard, and didn't know how to help people progress in their training. They had the potential to in changing your life, but in the NEGATIVE way! Be careful who you train with.

Then my partners and I started having issues. We weren’t as happy anymore; we were working in the gym from 6am–11pm and never had time for ourselves. Given everything we'd been through, we had a tough choice to make. Should we continue working together to compete with the other gyms, or shut our gyms down and go our separate ways?

The Birth of Kali Coaching: Changing Your Life ONLINE!

I decided to step away from being a “brick-and-mortar” gym owner and move all my training to online coaching. I wanted to focus on helping one core group of people with the power to change the world faster than I could by standing on a stage before thousands. I wanted to provide a means for every hard-working, super-busy moms (like mine) to lose weight, feel comfortable in her clothes, and most importantly, how to de-stress, improve her self-esteem and the relationships with her most important loved ones: her children.

That's why any new client of mine must understand my goals: to help women get stronger physically, mentally, and emotionally. I want to boost their self-confidence, stop their limiting beliefs, and help them achieve goals they never thought possible. I want to make them the best possible versions of themselves by eliminating confusion about exercise and nutrition and by providing step-by-step directions to achieve their goals and become 100% self-sufficient. This is how I'm changing your life, simple as that!

I want you to look great, feel great and be empowered. Becoming a better you shouldn't involve pain or sacrifice. It should be fun, exciting, and motivating!

You might be confused and frustrated about not seeing results. Maybe you're the type of woman who gets so demotivated and mad at herself for failing that she feeling hopeless and quits. My goal is to help working moms like you reach success without wasting hours at the gym or starving. I strive to create long-lasting lifestyle solutions for women that improve their lives and relationships with their friends, family, and coworkers. I aim to give women the ultimate resource for a healthy, happy life that inspires their children, family, and friends.

Rebecca's Success Story

Of all my thousands of success stories, Rebecca's has always stood out. As a hard-working mother of two with a corporate job leading a team of six employees, she travels at least once a month and attends countless football, basketball, baseball, and soccer practices, games, recitals, and tournaments for her kids.

In other words, Rebecca is the epitome of busy.

When she came to me, she was frustrated, angry, and ready to give up. She felt like a hamster on a wheel, doing so much work yet getting nowhere. Other coaches wouldn't even work with her because she had "too many issues.” For some reason people make it difficult when you are changing your life and I don't know why!

She had a bad relationship with food. She never ate. Her body was constantly in pain from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia (not a good combination). But she was determined not to live in pain anymore. This is the first step in changing your life, the pain with staying the same.

When we started working together, we made a few changes to her eating and exercise habits and added motivation to her daily routine. Within 21 days, she had lost 4 inches off her waist and dropped 5% of her body fat. In three months, she was wearing clothes she hadn’t worn in over seven years. After six months, she took her very first selfie. Changing Your Life type stuff!

But aside from what she accomplished physically, her #1 achievement was her mental well-being. In her own words, “My mental acuity is much more focused on what I need to achieve, not just in the gym but globally. My professional life is dialed in. I have more mental, emotional, and physical energy to give my children. I let the little things slide, like dishes not being washed or the trash not being taken out, because they pale in comparison to having fun running around, laughing, and spending time with them. If there's one thing I would recommend, it's for all mothers to do this—not just for themselves, but for the impact it will have on their relationship with their kids!”

Discover How Rebecca
Lost 4" Off Her Stomach
In Just 30 Days
(Even While Traveling For Work)


Kali Coaching's Mission To Changing Your Life

My mission with Kali Coaching is to make you stronger physically, mentally and emotionally for the things that matter most in changing your life. At Kali Coaching, we believe that:

* Mothers are the backbone of the family. If she falls apart, her whole family falls apart. Moms are crucial to the success of their families, especially their children.

* Being vibrant, confident, and happy in your own skin is a joy every woman, mother, and child deserves.

* Most people settle for mediocrity, giving up after failing to hit their goals the first time. But most have never been taught, coached, or mentored by the right people.

* When we help someone lose weight, get stronger, and raise their self-esteem, it has a huge impact on their home life, work life, and friendships, and that inspires others to pursue positive change as well.

* Moms are role models. They should be a healthy example for their kids to look up to, learn from, and emulate.

* You must be determined. No obstacle can stop you from achieving your goals!

Kali Coaching's Values

Here at Kali Coaching, we 100% oppose trainers who add to your confusion and keep all their “secrets” to themselves so you'll stay dependent on them. We also oppose “quick fix” pills, excessive training that leaves you collapsed in a pool of sweat, painful exercises, and one-size-fits-all workout plans that don't address your specific goals and needs. None of these things help you in changing your life for a lifetime. 

Over time, you'll recognize our core values:

Accountability - We maintain a high standard of accountability by checking in and making sure to solve any issues that might come up.

Believing in You - We believe in you! We know that if you take that first step to becoming a better you, the universe will reward your efforts.

Student Priority - We make your goal our goal. Our programs are designed around you to fit your specific needs and make you, the student the priority.

Communication - We keep open lines of communication with you. If you have any questions or problems, you can easily reach out to us to resolve the issue.

Dedication - We are 100% dedicated to your success!

Empathy - We understand that life gets hectic sometimes. We'll adjust our schedule accordingly and fix any problems that arise.

High Energy - We bring high energy in all our interactions with you—in writing, via video, or over the phone—to increase your motivation.

Open-Minded - We know there's no one right way to solve a problem. We stay open-minded to your wants and needs and offer a new perspective to address them.

Passion - We love what we do and we're passionate about changing your life and helping you become stronger for yourself and for your family.

Striving for Excellence - Perfection may be unattainable, but we continuously strive for excellence and avoid mediocrity in all the things that we do.

Transcendence - We help you in changing your your life to break through all your physical, mental, and emotional limits.

Unparalleled Support - We're here for our students and support them any way we can. No one else is better than us in this category. I promise!

If you can stand behind these same values then let us know in the comments section below. And feel free to share this message with your friends to see if they get inspired in changing your life too!

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About the Author Jay Kali

Jay Kali AKA, The Strength Architect is the founder of Kali Coaching. He holds certifications as a Specialist in Strength and Conditioning, Certified Fitness Trainer, Online Trainers Academy Graduate, Training For Warriors Level 2 Graduate and is a 300-Certified Yoga Teacher in Power Yoga. He is also an Amazon Bestselling Author in four different categories and has made it his mission to help women create long lasting, healthy lifestyles in just 8 weeks!

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