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how to eat less

Why Low-Calorie Diets Never Work (and What to Do Instead)

Weight loss and low-calorie diets can be confusing. You make every effort to watch what you eat and avoid your favorite junk foods, but you never lose any weight. Nothing works, so you feel defeated. But why? You know the only way to lose fat is to eat less and exercise more, so why isn’t […]

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muscle v. fat

Muscle v. Fat: What’s The Difference?

How many times have you stepped on a scale expecting the number to be lower than last time, only to find your weight hadn’t changed or that you’d only dropped half a pound? You probably get frustrated and believe the fitness gods are against you. You’re putting in the work but the scale isn’t showing […]

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Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles: What’s Sabotaging Yours?

Since birth, we’ve been told what’s “good” and what’s “bad” for us when it comes to diets, nutrition and living healthy lifestyles. We learn these lessons from our families and pass the knowledge on to our friends and children. Stop me if you’ve heard these lines before: “Eat your veggies.” “You can’t have ice cream.” […]

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Drinking A Gallon of Water A Day

Drinking A Gallon of Water A Day? Should You?

Have you heard about the benefits of drinking a gallon of water a day. I’m sure all my students are tired of hearing me say how important it is to drink water. Every doctor and TV personality recommends you drink more water – maybe even drinking a gallon of water a day – so it […]

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healing foods

Healing Foods: 6 That Will Blow Your Mind

As a world, we’re becoming more and more connected with each other. And with this rise in technology, we’re learning about different foods that have been enhancing people’s lives for thousands of years. Some people call them “healing foods” actually. Today things are a little more commercialized, so we can easily go to the market […]

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snack with protein

5 Snacks With Protein You’ll Love

If you’re anything like my online coaching students, you’re always pressed for time and on the go. You know you need to eat, but you usually settle for some 100-calorie snack bar to tide you over to the next meal. But what if you decided on a snack with protein instead? A problem for most […]

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metabolism disorder

Metabolism Disorder and Weight Loss! (+Free Infographic)

Millions of people try to lose weight every year yet suffer from never hitting their weight-loss goals. Could this be from a metabolism disorder? We feel so much pressure to lose weight fast that too many people deal with yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuation, only to give up all hope and say, “Screw it, I […]

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