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Online Fitness Coaching

Let’s face it – some of us need to work out on our own time (and in our own space). Enter online fitness coaching. Is this the solution you need?

Going on a fitness journey is a difficult yet rewarding adventure. All of us could use a little help here and there. Whether we need someone to motivate us or to help us learn step-by-step how to use strength training equipment, a personal trainer can always be helpful.

However, if you’re a busy business woman, a mother, or any combination of the two, chances are you’re looking at the idea of going on a fitness journey like it’s a fairy tale.

This is where online fitness coaching can change your life. Want to learn more? We put together a guide to understand exactly what online personal training is, how they can help you get fit despite your hectic schedule, and how to find the best online fitness coaching program for you.

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What Exactly Is Online Fitness Coaching Is?

By definition, online personal coaching is pretty self-explanatory– they are personal trainers that help you along your fitness journey via the internet rather than being physically present with you.

Online personal trainers vary from site to trainer and in between, but generally there are little differences between online fitness coaching and a real-life personal trainer.

However, there is one big difference that some people aren’t keen on– the (perceived) lack of personal attention.

Believe it or not, you can get the same amount of personal attention when you opt for online personal training than you would with a regular personal trainer! Online personal trainer typically provides you with a custom personalized training program to perform in your home, hotel, gym, etc. When you need help, advice, or motivation, you can contact them– without having to bounce around schedules to meet up and train.

There are so many great benefits to having an online personal trainer, regardless of their physical presence with you at the gym.

What Are Some Benefits Of Having Online Fitness Coaching?

These benefits may be exactly what you need:


You’re a busy woman. Working your schedule around meeting up with a personal trainer at your gym, or even signing up for a gym membership at all, may not be possible. Online fitness coaching work on your time, not theirs.


Typically, you can log into your online fitness coaching website and start workouts whenever you have the time. This is ideal for busy people who need their training to fit their schedule.


Lots of people are shy when it comes to the gym. While this is mostly just in our heads, online fitness coaching can provide a private workout experience without the public gym.


It’s typically easier to find online reviews of online personal trainers rather than online reviews of physical in-person trainers. Like we said before, trust the reviews!

How Do I Find A Great Online Fitness Coaching?

Keep in mind that just because someone’s a stellar trainer, doesn’t mean they are necessarily the right trainer for you.

Take the time to find an online personal trainer that have knowledge and experience of previously running gyms or have some sort of rapport in the fitness community. Also look into reviews of popular online fitness coaching. Did other busy ladies find the online fitness coaching helpful, consistent, and flexible? Consider the opinions of previous customers– reviews are there for a reason!


Start Training!

Did this handy guide to demystifying the online fitness coaching world help you make an informed decision? Tell us what you think about an online personal trainer in the comments below!

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